Franklin Youth Soccer Academy Certification

This introductory referee course will be the first step in the preparation of a new referee aged 12- or 13-years-old. The course will introduce the Laws of the Game as well as give an opportunity for practical training. The course will include segments of: (a) pre-class assignment, (b) classroom work, and (c) on-field practice.


  • Participants who complete this course will be "certified" to work for a "Town" Academy Program which plays small-sided (e.g. 5v5) games in the Spring and Fall outdoor seasons. Players in this division are 8- and 9-years-olds and games are typically played on Saturday or Sunday mornings.
  • The Academy Programs offer a fertile ground to help young referees develop. A Referee Mentor is present during each week of competition to guide and support referees and add clarity to the Laws of the Game, as required.
  • 5-5.5 hours
  • Limited class size: 20
  • Cost: $50, registration and pre-payment required (unless otherwise specified)
  • Participants will be expected to play and referee during the course
  • Location will be listed in the event listing.
  • Given that many Academy Programs utilize many of the same rules as BAYS 7v7, this course may be appropriate for non-Franklin residents looking to get started with refereeing

Related notes:

For several years, the Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC) certified referees with US Soccer as young as eleven or twelve years old. In 2014, the MSRC raised the minimum age for certification to fourteen. Whereas Franklin had been utilizing and training younger referees successfully in its Academy Division, FYSA sought an alternative to prepare referees for work specifically in its Academy Division. When these referees reach the minimum age, they will be well prepared for USSF referee certification. We welcome referees from other town programs, too.

In 2018 Mass Youth Soccer and the Massachusetts State Referee Committee (MSRC) have teamed up to introduce the Grassroots Referee Program (GRP) to help towns fill the same gap that Franklin was looking to fill — training younger officials for in-town games. We have worked with the architects of the GRP to gain GRP accreditation for Franklin.